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Our Mission - "Provide an organization for the purpose of enhancing communication, coordination and cooperation among its stakeholders, in order to keep Georgia safe and connected."

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The Georgia Utilities Coordinating Council is an extension of the Utility Location and Coordination Council of the American Public Works Association. Members of this statewide committee include employees from a variety of utility companies such as telephone, power, gas, cable TV and railroads as well as employees of government agencies, water authorities, contracting companies, locate technicians and the Utilities Protection Center, Inc.  

The purpose of GUCC is to promote and encourage the establishment of utility location and coordination committee on a local level, as well as address areas and topics of concerns for all stakeholders. 

Generally, utility location and coordination committee projects and committee programs depend on local conditions. All, however are founded in a spirit of cooperation by responsible parties who recognize that all improvements in their related activities require a great deal of communication. 

The benefits associated with a utility location and coordination committee are limited only by the level of activity of its members and degree of support provided by participating companies and public agencies. 

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