Marketing & Education

Committee Mission

This committee will increase communications by the use of email and the GUCC website.

Additionally, we hope to provide you resources for speaking engagements at your local UCC.  Below is a list of potential speakers.  Also.. if you know someone that would make a good speaker that we should add to this list, please email with contact info, name and information they can speak on.
Art Beamish
Badger Daylighting

Talks about soft Digging /Hydro Vac/Vacuum Excavation

Georgia Liaisons
Can come to a meeting and provide Digging Danger Videos.  Please refer to the website  and the liaisons are listed by DOT District  or call 770-623-4332 x 0 and an operator will help you find the liaison for your area

Committee News & Information
If you are interested in getting any GUCC clothing, please contact Darrol Mitchell at


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Committee Members

Darrol MitchellChairman – Marketing
Georgia Power
Forest Park, GA

Brian Crews Web Developer
Georgia 811
Duluth, GA

Fiona Bowen
Georgia 811
Duluth, GA