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Our Mission - "Provide an organization for the purpose of enhancing communication, coordination and cooperation among its stakeholders, in order to keep Georgia safe and connected."

Committee Mission

The Life Member Committee serves to review Life Member Applications.

Committee News & Information

Life Members are retired from our industry and have participated in Local UCC's and our annual conferences throughout their utility employment. Information pertaining to the qualifications to be nominated as a Life Member are located in our library on the right.  Submit application request to the chairman of this committee.



2018   Ronnie Brown     Atlanta Gas Light

2017   Deborah CollinsCharter Communications

2016   Melanie Griffith        Flint EMC

2014/2015  Roy Beavers    ATT and NJUNS

2014    Jackie Temples       Atlanta Gas Light

2013    Steven Gafford       GDOT

2013   Jim Weldon             Georgia Power

2009   Jeff Maddox             Oconee County

2006   Barry Hill                 Georgia Power

2005   David Ford               Bellsouth

2005   Judy Shirey              Bellsouth

2004   Philip Kempton         Bellsouth

2003   Frank Stone             Bellsouth

2003   Marie Piper              Bellsouth

2002   Troy Jones              Bellsouth

2001   Becky Glarrow         Bellsouth

2001   Dudley Ellis              GDOT

2000   David Law                Bellsouth

          Lanier Crawley          Bellsouth

          Jim Perkins               MARTA

          Max Barlow               GEMC

          Hugh Mosely             Georgia Power

          Orbie Campbell          Georgia Power

          Betty Pierson             Bellsouth

          John Rutledge            Plantation Pipeline

          MT Miller                     Utilities Protection Center

          Dewey Jones              GDOT

          Buck Merrell                Atlanta Gas Light

          Bill Hogan                   Bellsouth

          Ron Dyer                    Bellsouth

          Rodney Harville          Statesboro Telephone

          Bill Blount                   Georgia Power

          Charlie Spinks            Atlanta Gas Light

          Hubert Blackwell        City of Rome




Committee Chairman
Terri Rosamond


Committee Member List