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Our Mission - "Provide an organization for the purpose of enhancing communication, coordination and cooperation among its stakeholders, in order to keep Georgia safe and connected."
Local Utility Coordinating Committees

To view Local UCC information for your area please make a selection from the Regional map.


Local Utility Coordinating Committee's are formed usually by county (in some cases multi-counties) and are created to enhance communication between the utility companies in the area and also the excavation community. We list our committee meetings by DOT district. At our local meetings, each company is provided an opportunity to bring us issues they need resolved, projects and subdivisions they may be working on/in and any additional information they feel will be useful to the other utility companies, excavators and locators present. The local committee provides a venue to share local issues and vital information. Additionally these meetings provide for an opportunity to have a program ranging from onsite speakers, videos and powerpoint presentations (depending on the A/V equipment available at the meeting site). 

All meetings encourage participation from excavators. Anyone who is not a regular attendee should try to call the chairman and let them know you will be attending. The meetings are open. Most committees meet for lunch once a month (some are every other month or quarterly) and each handle payment of lunch differently. Some meetings have dues, some have sponsors and some are pay on your own. Again, if you are new to the meeting, a call to the chairman to find this information out is suggested.

If you have any questions regarding how to setup a Local UCC (LUCC) or how to update contact information for an existing LUCC, please contact your local UPC (Utilities Protection Center, Inc.) Liaison Manager.