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Our Mission - "Provide an organization for the purpose of enhancing communication, coordination and cooperation among its stakeholders, in order to keep Georgia safe and connected."

Committee Mission

To support locate technicians in the state of Georgia, by providing support via a scholarship program to compete in the International Utility Locate Rodeo.

Committee News & Information

Announcement:  May 5, 2016

The GUCC Locate Rodeo Scholarship committee is happy to recognize the winners of a full ride scholarship to the International Utility Locate Rodeo in Arlington, Texas, June 23-25, 2016.  If you know or see these winners, give them a pat on the back and wish them luck!


Russell Brock- Georgia Power

Jessie Ashley-  City of Lawrenceville Gas

Dedrick Tuggle-  Marietta Water


                           GUCC  International Locate Rodeo Scholarship Program

The Scholarship Program will consist of awarding three (3) scholarships.   These scholarships will award to State of Georgia participants and will pay for the Rodeo Registration of $200.00.   Reimbursement will be provided based on criteria provided in our forms in the library for Travel, food and Hotel.  Please read all the terms before applying for this scholarship.


The scholarships will be awarded based on the submittal of an essay from the individual of 250 words or less expressing why they think that they should receive this scholarship.


Each entry will be submitted to the GUCC Rodeo Committee for review and selection by a selected deadline date.


Requirements for individuals who may participate in the program are as follows:


1)     Participant must live and work for a utility or utility contractor in the State of Georgia and currently work as a locator.


2)     Participant is required to have held his current employed position for 2 years or longer.


3)     Participant must be able to attend the Locate Rodeo required Friday meetings and registration.  This meeting is held the Friday prior to the Locate Rodeo competition day.  Times and dates are posted on the International Locate Rodeo website at  

4)     Participant must provide his locate equipment, equipment bag, vest and hard hat.


Scholarship Application Deadline for 2016 is Noon, April 29.   The winner's will be notified the following week.

Please look in the righthand side of this page in the LIBRARY to download the scholarship application.

Terri Rosamond
Ansco and Assoc.

Committee Member List