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Our Mission - "Provide an organization for the purpose of enhancing communication, coordination and cooperation among its stakeholders, in order to keep Georgia safe and connected."

Committee Mission

Working with OSHA, DOT, and House Movers, this committee developed a program to provide for the safe movement of Oversized Loads in Georgia.

Committee News & Information

The Oversize Load Committee (Old House Move Committee) is comprised of members from the GAUPC, GDOT, NJUNS and member utilities around Georgia. The Committee commissioned NJUNS, Inc. to rewrite the delivery system for Oversize Load notifications. The new system went live on November 14, 2005. The new system did not alter any of the existing Georgia DOT guidelines for large load moves, it just changed the way the delivery of the information is accomplished and tracked.

The load mover is to fax the Oversized Load Notification Form and Lead Agency Notification Form to the Lead Agent (the power company where the load originates) or, in the case of moves coming into Georgia, the power company where the load terminates. The Lead Agent is responsible for verification of the information concerning the load and the route and creating the NJUNS ticket. Once that is done, NJUNS relays information back and forth between the aerial facility owners and the Lead Agent and tracks all changes and responses. Once the utilities have approved a ticket or the 72 hour period (as defined by the GDOT regulations) expires, the Lead Agent can then approve the ticket, sending that notification automatically to GDOT headquarters.

Anyone owning aerial facilities in the state of Georgia is responsible for providing that information to NJUNS, via email, at The required information is:

Company name
Company mailing address
Ticket delivery email address
List of counties served
Phone number

Power companies should also indicate that they provide distribution power.

Movers wanting email verification of created tickets, road blocked steps and approved tickets should also contact NJUNS, via email, and note that they are movers. They should provide the same information with the exception of the county list.

To find the current contact for the lead agent in the area at the start of your move in GA, click on the Oversize Load Lead Agents and Other Contacts link in the Committee Library. When the NJUNS screen appears, put a check box in the Oversize Load Members box and the screen will change to Oversize Load contacts with telephone numbers.

Committee Chairman
Wendell Holbrook
Cobb DOT

Committee Member List